How to sell a BC account

Who needs bookmaker accounts

First of all, the forks. For those who are engaged only in forks, accounts do not live very long. It happens that they are detected and the limits are cut to zero after 2-3 bets.
Therefore, forks always need stocks of accounts in different offices.

Players using questionable game strategies: after-goals, betting on bookmaker errors, match fixing, and the like. Bookmakers also identify and block such accounts regularly.

Plus players.

If a player has a working plus strategy, and even an impressive game bank, he becomes a serious problem for any small office. Such bettors are also often cut limits, and they are forced to look for a way out of the situation.


A number of people are doing business on the resale of betting shops’ accounts. They do not deal with bids themselves, but identify potentially promising accounts that can be resold with a margin of 100% or even more.

Покупка и продажа игровых аккаунтов Букмекерских контор

Where can I buy or sell a bookmaker’s account
There are many forums on the Internet dealing with the purchase and sale of accounts. As a rule, their administration acts as a guarantor of transactions and protects the rights of participants in the act of purchase and sale.

The address is usually transmitted along with the account

E-mail with a password, as well as a set of documents (passport scans, passport selfies, scan of the second document, address confirmation, etc.) for re-verification. In some cases, the buyer also requires a SIM card with a phone number that is linked to the account or payment method data linked to the account. Sometimes it may even be necessary to go to the PPS for personal verification.

Account prices depend on many factors:

  • Account age (the older, the more expensive);
  • The balance of committed bets (the more negative the acc, the more valuable it is);
  • The number of bets placed and the turnover of funds;

The balance of money on the account;

Pumping in the loyalty program and other bonuses.
Fresh accounts with scanty history don’t cost much, about 1,000 rubles or even less. Ancient akki with a huge minus can be sold for several tens of thousands of rubles or even more, by agreement.

  • Risks when buying and selling accounts in the BC
  • For the seller:

You hand over a complete set of your documents to an unknown person for a rather modest reward;
If you transfer an account without a guarantor, then you can not wait for a modest reward;
If you sell a personal account in a legal BC, there is a high risk that later you will not be able to register in any of the Russian offices.

For the buyer:

You can be deceived by selling a blocked acc, or already under suspicion of the security department;
You may not be given the right of access at all or then return it back;
The bookmaker may request additional documents or video verification, which you will not be able to pass;
Multiaccounting is directly prohibited in all offices, it is well detected and is punishable by immediate blocking, most often with confiscation of funds.

The seller doesn’t care anymore, and you can lose your newly acquired account in a couple of hours. And even with a deposit;
You can get into the fake sale of an account from a bookmaker.
All these risks are also relevant when renting out a bookmaker’s account. Such a service is also in demand now, usually for a certain percentage of the funds withdrawn from the account.


If you are aware of all the risks and know how to bypass all the traps of bookmakers, then it’s not for us to teach you. If you are not a particularly experienced beginner, then most likely you will spend money in vain and lose the purchased account very quickly, without having time to earn anything on it. Betting anti-fraud systems work very well and at the slightest mistake the account will be blocked.

Selling your personal data for a ridiculous amount of 1-2 thousand rubles is also not the most reasonable solution. This can have serious consequences, for example, a loan taken in your name. The BET stands for fair play and does not approve of a direct violation of the rules of bookmakers.